The WalkWell Model 428 introduces a new generation of superior post operative footwear. Building on the success and acceptance of previous WalkWells, the Model 428 incorporates many improvements and will undoubtedly become the new standard to which all post operative shoes will be compared.

At first glance, one can see the more open and breathable outer shell, still built around WalkWell’s incomparable Rigid-Rocker sole, which off-loads pressure in the metatarsal region of the foot.

Extra support is built into the newly-designed soft heel closure. A new pull tab on the heel helps patients slip on WalkWells effortlessly and, like other WalkWells, the 428 will easily accommodate almost any size or shape heel comfortably. The insole is made of bacteria static EVA, absorbs shock and tenderly cushions the foot. The upper is made with a soft, light-weight, expandable and breathable micro-fibre.

The 428 incorporates two wider Velcro closures rather than three and accommodates swelling and bandages.

A study published in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association* indicated that WalkWells could reduce peak pressure up to 20% over conventional post-operative shoes.

WalkWell advises the use of two shoes for better balance and comfort even for unilateral surgery and the sleeker, more up to date sandal-style 428 will encourage patient compliance.

And now, with it's combination of features and the peerless Rigid-Rocker sole, the 428 is certain to raise the bar once again.

WalkWell 428s are sold in single-unit re-useable shoe bags and are available in six sizes from women’s small (5) to men's x-large (14).