In 1995, Connie Kashkawol found through personal experience that there was considerable room for improvement in the available post-operative footwear of the time.

So, in 1998 she set out to develop a medically superior, more comfortable and attractive alternative.

Combining sound medical practice, biomechanics, fashion and plain old common sense, the team she assembled created WalkWells, the culmination of extensive research into the special footcare needs, rehabilitation, comfort and well-being of post-operative patients.

After the success and acceptance of the original WalkWell post operative shoes in the medical community, WalkWell created a universal single unit option, the WalkWell Model 328, introduced to great acclaim in 2004

WalkWell then branched out to provide other high-performance, premium footcare products, beginning with WalkWell TriFabs. These moldable prefabricated orthosis for diabetics are the finest alternative to custom-made orthotics available.

In the fall of 2002, WalkWell introduced Essential Poly Prefabs, a line of premium-quality functionally corrected orthoses.

The WalkWell Model 428 Post Operative Shoe, a lighter, more breathable shoe with was introduced in last year.

Most recently, WalkWell has introduced the newest WalkWell, the Model 502 Universal Wound Care Shoe. The 502 offers a wider version of the now-famous RigidRocker sole for patients ulcerations or other metatarsal wounds.

For more information, please contact WalkWell at:

WalkWell, Inc.
825 Van Ness Avenue
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San Francisco, CA 94109
Phone: 415-563-2040
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