TriFab crossection

Foot related problems can have a major impact on the quality of life for patients with Type II Diabetes. For patients suffering from, or at risk of developing, plantar ulcerations, WalkWell advanced technology TriFabs can make a difference.

TriFabs coTriFabs Bottommbine Plastazote, Poron and EVA to protect and comfort the neurotrophic foot, and are recommended for prophylaxis and ulceration relief.TriFabs

TriFabs’ top layer utilizes the efficacy of Plastazote to increase the surface area weight of the foot and contribute to the reduction of callus formation. Poron’s unique ability to dramatically reduce vertical vector forces and plantar pressures also provides cushion and shock absorption in the mid-layer. The combination of Plastazote and Poron has an enhanced ability to reduce plantar pressures.

TriFabs’ outer shell is made of EVA, which maintains an ideal orthotic shape, provides mild motion control and long-lasting wear-ability. The bacteria static properties in EVA also help eliminate odor.

Unlike ordinary prefabricated orthotics, the densities of the three layers vary across the surface of the orthotic, selectively redistributing and reducing plantar pressures.

WalkWell TriFabs can be modified to provide greater off-weighting by removing material under specific pressure points for more specific care. Closed cell neoprene can be added as a topcover for greater reduction of stress shear.

WalkWell TriFabs can be used as insoles or prefabricated orthoses and are intended to fit into extra depth shoes and athletic shoes with removable insoles.

These high quality orthotics are disposable after three to twelve months of use and are available in men’s and women’s sizes from W-6 to M-14.