WalkWell Model 520 Universal Wound Care Shoe debuts.

The new WalkWell Model 520 Universal Wound Care Shoe is now in stock and meeting it's sales forecasts and then some. The shoe offers a wider version of the famous RigidRocker sole to accommodate patients with ulcerations or other metatarsal wounds. Each WalkWell Model 502 comes with two removable, moldable and modifiable insoles, made of 1/4” Plastazote and 1/4” Poron.

Supply of WalkWell Model 428s catching up with demand.

The new generation of WalkWells, the Model 428, is now shipping to doctors across North America. WalkWell president and founder, Connie Kashkawol expressed delight with the acceptance of the new post-op shoe but worried about too much of a good thing. "Interest for the 428 has surprised and delighted us" she said. "But demand has been high and we sold nearly 35% of our first run of the product before we even got our hands on them."

While a limited number of orders experienced some delay in shipping, more 428's are being rushed through production, and no further supply problems are expected in the Foreseeable future.

JAPMA article highlights WalkWell Post Operative shoes.

An article published in Journal of The American Podiatric Medical Association illustrates that WalkWell post operative footwear "significantly reduced peak pressures on the forefoot by 20%" compared to other post operative shoes.

WalkWell's breakthrough Rigid-Rocker sole and indications for rocker-bottom shoes is also explored.

An excerpt from the abstract:

"An ideal post-operative shoe should be comfortable to wear while protecting the foot during recovery from surgery or injury. It has been assumed that the ability to protect is related to peak pressure and force time-integral under the foot. This study compares a new post-operative shoe that incorporates a rigid sole with an 11-degree rocker bottom to a commonly used postoperative shoe. The new post-operative shoe significantly reduced peak pressures on the forefoot by 20% when compared to the commonly used post-operative shoe..."

Read the entire December, 2001 article here (requires subscription to JAPMA) or review the complete abstract here.

WalkWell introduces premium line of prefabricated orthotics for diabetic patients.

When custom orthotics are not required, WalkWell TriFabs are the next best option. TriFabs are made with a combination of Plastizote, Poron and EVA, and can be modified by a health care professional for more specific care. In addition to offering relief and assisting in the healing of plantar ulcerations, TriFabs can be of significant value to at-risk patients.

WalkWell presents functionally corrected prefabricated orthotics for multiple indications.

Essential Poly Prefabs contain corrections for forefoot valgus and rear foot varus, and provide non-custom control of the midtarsal and subtalar joint. Indications include prevention and temporary relief from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendenitis, shin splints, stress fractures, Patellofemoral Syndrome, neruoma, PT tendinitis and metatarsalgia.