WalkWell Essential Poly PreFabs are functionally corrected orthoses with contained corrections for forefoot valgus and rearfoot varus and provide non-custom control of the mid-tarsal and subtalar joint. Indications include prevention and temporary relief from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, shin splints, stress fracture, Patello-femoral Syndrome, neuroma, PT tendinitis and metatarsalgia.

Essential Poly Prefabs can be dispensed as interim orthotics for custom orthotics patients and are effective in sports' medicine injuries. They can also be used in the healthy patient to reduce stress fractures, improve stability and reduce low back discomfort.

These unique prefabricated functional orthotics were designed and developed utilizing advanced digital imaging capabilities and are the result of exhaustive review of tens of thousands of laser scanned negative casts intended for custom orthotic production.

Each pair of polypropylene devices contains a 3-degree intrinsic forefoot valgus balanced correction to load the lateral column and limit midtarsal joint motion. The 2 mm medial heel skive is intended to decelerate rearfoot pronation. The full depth 14 mm heel cup improves rear foot control and is designed to simulate the functionality of custom devices as closely as possible.

These orthotics are designed to be used as is, or can be rearfoot posted and top covered for improved performance.

The high impact polypropylene material used in WalkWell Essential Poly PreFabs can last for years. They are available in white, size W6 to M13.